Delivering MAXIMUM impact.










There's a wow factor at play here which puts Melissa Totten in the top tier of impersonators and tributes worldwide.  The total package.  The ability to deliver an outstanding performance, to replicate costume and movement, attitude and persona along with impeccable vocal ability that cannot be matched.  


For more than 20 years, in front of over one million people worldwide, there is no venue too small or too large for this stellar performer.  





If you are a true fan of Madonna, you MUST see this show - Stuart Trim, Live Nation


Ms. Totten is as close to Ms. Thing as the real Ms. none. - Luis Camacho, Dancer/Choreographer, Blone Ambition World Tour 1990


Melissa is not only brilliant with her talent and voice, but also with her charisma and stage presence. She engages audiences in a way that captivates even the non-Madonna fans. Truly the best!

- Janell Simonson Lewis, Producer & Choreographer, Simonwill Productions Las Vegas


Better than Madonna. Awesome energetic renditions of faves old and new. - Angie H

Absolutely amazing...the closer to Madonna than Madonna herself. Proud to have seen her perform in Dundee Scotland....a show even Madonna would be honoured to watch - Michael R


I booked Melissa for two gigs in different venues in Birmingham...she performed Madonna's old stuff in one, and then right up to date in the other, PHOENOMINAL!! More like Madonna than the queen herself, and a lovely person. If you get to book her, don't hesitate, FANTASTIC. - Darren Smith



The World's Best. Simple. - Andrea Matthews



I saw Melissa in Palma Mallorca last year. It was not what I expected. It was more, much more. She blew us away! The show was fantastic!! - Monica J


A true show girl with not only presence, but the prowess of "the Material Girl" herself. - Anthony B



I am always skeptical about tribute acts, but in this case when I originally saw Ms Totten perform as Madonna I was truly astounded, and as time goes on, continue to be, by not only how much she looks like Madonna, but more impressively that vocally Ms Totten is able to create the Madonna studio sound live. If you're looking for a great show, I can think of no better way to spend an evening than with this diamond performer.Leaf Scott